• FBS Uruguay Origin   A6903FBS
  • FBS Uruguay Origin   A6903FBS

FBS Uruguay Origin A6903FBS

Product Description

FBS is the most highly used growth factor in cell culture due to its high level of nutrients

Formulation of serum containing and serum reduced media for mammalian cell culture for the production of antibodies, antigens, stem cells and vaccines

Cryopreservation, storage and shipping of biological materials such as cell lines and antibodies

Base matrices for diagnostic kit controls

Blocking agent for immunoassays and blotting

All fetal bovine serum is fully traceable and is sourced from audited suppliers

We process our FBS in single containers and triple 0.1 µ sterile filter it. This eliminates any cross contamination potential.

Storage conditions: ≤ -20° C

Product                              Origin                                 Volume                Cat. No.  

FBS Uruguay Origin           Origin American                  500 ml                 A6903FBS-500

                                                                                     100 ml                 A6903FBS-100

Additional Tests & Treatments

- Tested according to 9CFR

- Gamma Irradiation

Product Specifications

 Filtration                                                                           3 x0.1 um

Osmolality                                                                         280 – 340 mOsm/kg

Endotoxin                                                                          ≤ 22 EU/Ml

Hemoglobin                                                                      ≤ 25 mg/dl

Osmolality(mOsm/Kg)                                                    .

Total Protein                                                                      3.0 – 4.5 g/dl

Albumin                                                                              As reported                                                            

Sterility bacteria and fungi testing                                          .

Flourescent antibody testing                                                 .

Cyopathogenic agents

Mycoplasma                                                                      Not detected

Protein testing                                                                        .

Trace metals/iron                                                                   .    

Vitamins/hormones                                                                .

Electrophoretic profile                                                            .


Virus tested for                                                                  PI-3, BVDV, BVDV-AB, BHV-I

Sterility Tested                                                                         .

Storage Store at                                                                ≤-20°C.

Heat inactivation

Heat inactivation will inactivate the complement system, antibodies and other active enzymes. It has to be done in a carefully controlled process in order to avoid damaging the cell growth promoting properties of the serum and reducing the formation of unwanted precipitates.

The process involves heating the serum in a shaking water bath at exactly +56°C for 30 minutes. The shaking will help avoid the formation of protein and other forms of precipitates. After 30 minutes the serum is then cooled back down to room temperature as quickly as possible to avoid excessive exposure to heat which can damage e.g. growth factors and vitamins.

Quality control

Only sera batches which pass our strict quality control are released for sale. Standard parameters which are determined include pH, osmolality, content of protein, albumin, IgG and hemoglobin, endotoxin level, sterility, mycoplasma detection and virus testing.

Precautions and Disclaimer

This product is for research use only. Please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for information regarding hazards and safe handling practices.

Help needed

If you have any further questions regarding this product please do not hesitate to contact our cell culture ex- perts:

Email: info@ivigt.com

Phone:  +1-86612066909