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  • RPMI 1640 w/ L-Glutamine IN0010

RPMI 1640 w/ L-Glutamine IN0010

                         RPMI 1640

w/ L-Glutamine

CAT N° : IN0010


Sterility : Sterile filtered

Theoretical pH : 7.3 ± 0.3

Osmolality : 278 mOsm/kg + 10 %

Colour : Clear orange solution

Storage conditions : +2°C to +8°C in the dark

Shipping conditions : Ambient

Shelf life : 12 months

Endotoxin : < 1 EU/ml

Cultured cells: RPMI 1640 medium is used for human leukemia cell suspension monolayer cell culture. Currently RPMI 1640 has been found to be suitable for a wide variety of mammalian cells, including Jurkat cells, MCF-7, PC12, peripheral blood mononuclear cells, astrocytes and carcinomas, human epithelial colorectal adenocarcinoma (HCT) -15), human lymphoid Burkitt lymphoma (EB-3, Raji), histiocytic lymphoma (U937), human lymphoblastic myeloma patient bone marrow (IM-9), lymphoma patient blood (Daudi), T cells Lymphoma (H9), promyelocytic leukemia (HL-60), T-cell leukemia (Jurkat), myeloid leukemia (K-562), (PC12, B95-8)

Composition : Contains 2000mg/L D-glucose, 300mg/L L-glutamine, 2000mg/L sodium bicarbonate and phenol red. Without HEPES buffer

Sterility tests :

Bacteria in aerobic and anaerobic conditions

Fungi and yeasts

Cell growth test :

Medium tested for the ability to support SP2/0-Ag14 cell growth

 Recommended use :

Respect storage conditions of the product

Do not use the product after its expiry date

Store product in an area protected from light (not necessary for saline solutions).

Manipulate the product in aseptic conditions (e.g. : under laminar air flow)

Wear clothes adapted to the manipulation of the product to avoid contamination (e.g. : gloves, mask, hygiene cap, overall…)

The product is intended to be used in vitro, in laboratory only. Do not use it in therapy, human or veterinary applications.

Applications :

RPMI 1640 medium has a broad spectrum of mammalian and hybridoma cell applications. It was developed by Moore and his co-workers at Roswell Park Memorial Institute in 1966 for the growth of human leukemia cells in monolayer or suspension cultures. It is typically supplemented with serum or serum substitutes.

 Uses :

Supplements, such as antibiotics, should be added as sterile supplements to the medium. Storage conditions and shelf-life of supplemented product will be affected by the nature of the supplements.

Signs of Deterioration :

Medium should be clear and free of particulate and flocculent material. Do not use if medium is cloudy or contains precipitate.

Other evidence of deterioration may include colour change or degradation of physical or performance characteristics.

It can only be used for scientific research. It is forbidden to use it for human, animal or other purposes.